Did You Know…

Web professionals can spend as much of 30% of their time in training?

Things in the online/tech world change so quickly. What was working 4 months ago might be useless or even updated several times by now. Software, SEO rules, best practices, marketing, design trends, usability, code, e-commerce, site content recommendations, analytics, user interface design, responsive sites, dozens of programs, thousands of plugins, social media, dynamic content, opt-ins, SSL, online security, hacking trends, privacy laws, and everything in between change regularly.

web educationStaying up-to-date on all these changes requires constant education, as well as time to actually practice and apply what we’ve learned. However, it’s the only way we can do the best job for you so you can do the best job for your business.

Experience, and this commitment to learning are usually the main reasons why there are such vast differences in what it costs to build a website.

Budget websites are often built by those who do so on the side, or as a hobby. With web professionals spending so much of their time in training, you and your business reap the rewards of all that knowledge and experience. For every hour you pay a professional, you’re getting thousands of hours in education and real-world practice.

Because knowing something, and
mastering it are not the same.

As usual, “you get what you pay for.”

Do you want to just build a website or build a business?

Let Me Be Honest

This site seems to be perpetually under construction. When not in training I spend all my time helping clients with their sites and never have time to work on my own. It’s a case of the cobbler’s children having no shoes.

In the meantime, I encourage you to get in touch with me so I can answer any questions, show you recent work and brainstorm what we can do for your business!



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