WordPress Site Saver Security Care Plans

Did you know that…
More than half of all sites hacked are small businesses?
Website security and backups are not automatically a part of any site?

  • A website’s security is an essential piece of your business that needs to be managed properly as things continue to change. Without regular software and plugin updates, your site will almost certainly be hacked and will cease to work over time.
  • Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’re too small or no one would ever be interested in hacking your site. Small businesses and non-profits make up more than half of all sites hacked.
  • Think of Site Saver plans like insurance for your website. You don’t need to know a thing about coding or how any of it works; it’s a managed system all done for you. So save your sanity and go do what you do best, leave the rest to us.

 Site Saver Security Plans include:

Website Security
Professional security software installation and setup with ongoing hands-on managed care.

Sites are run through a 78-point security check, then just some of what we’ll do is:

  • Continuously monitor your site for hacking attempts and brute force attacks
  • Enable enhanced login security protection
  • Ban users and IP addresses who repeatedly try to hack
  • Prevent file writing that injects spam links into your site (ex: SEO spam, malware injections, ransomware and more)
  • Run malware scans to help keep your site virus free
  • Software license fees are included

Software Updates
If you don’t regularly update your WordPress core version and plugins, your site will almost certainly be hacked and will cease to work over time.

More importantly, you’re opening yourself up to security breaches, possibly even exposing you and your site’s visitors to malware, viruses and data identify theft.

  • We regularly update your WordPress core installation and all plugins (at least 4 times a week)
  • Compatibility insurance: if any update breaks your site, we’ll fix it free.

Backup & Store Website Files
Don’t lose all your hard work. We’ll back up your entire website (databases, images, pages, plugins, etc.). Then we’ll:

  • Keep at least five backed up versions on a remote server for security. (Backups stored on the same server your site is hosted on is like making a copy of important papers and storing them in the same drawer as the originals. Backups stored on remote servers are safe from any issues your host and their servers may experience)
  • Restore your site if it’s hacked or damaged at no additional cost (up to 10 hours)

Wonder how your website fared each month? Want to see the numbers?

  • Receive monthly reports summarizing hacking attempts, updates and work done above
  • See basic website statistics including Total Visits, Unique Visits and Page Views

Please note this service is only available for WordPress websites.

Disclaimer: Although we do our best, no security plan can ever be completely unhackable and cannot be represented as such.

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